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Ahdut Coah Hi - Strength Through Unity
Founded 6th August 1983
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Cockney First Degree
Our October meeting had a late change of plans, but we successfully delivered our Cockney first degree, a Lodge Homewood mock working created over twenty years ago by Bro Frank Hyatt. This mock degree working is performed with the lodge business suspended and involves the ritual updated with Cockney rhyming slang, and a number of the symbols replaced by replicas befitting the London East End. It makes for a unique and enjoyable evening while still retaining a number of the key messages of the genuine first degree.
For this delivery we even managed to enlist our outgoing District GM as the mock candidate Ronnie Biggs. We had a number of visitors in attendance, including the return of Bro Frank Hyatt, and a great evening was had by all.
Dist GM "Ronnie Biggs" and the Cockney Crew
Heartsine Defibrillator for Wilton Bowling Club
In February 2019, with support from The Freemasons Charity, we presented a Heartsine portable Defibrillator to Wilton Bowling Club. Their building is used by a number of local organisations, and as a wedding and functions venue so the Club was very pleased that Lodge Homewood was able to assist with this purchase.
Defibrillator Plaque
Central Division's Living Masonic "Treasure": 1st Degree Tracing Board
This article is copied from the Central Division website.
Lodge Homewood is such a proud Lodge - and no wonder given the 'powerhouse' of talent below the hood of this Lodge who had its early roots in Karori.
Craig Fraser has done such an accomplished job of raising the profile of this Lodge in the District. He has not done it by talking the talk, but by walking the walk. Everything this Lodge does - it does with aplomb - and so it was with the recent 1st Degree Tracing board delivered by Past Grand Lecturer, VWBro Murray Alford.
The evening also marked the annual fraternal visit with Lodge Te Puni - so it was a delight to welcome Rick Masterton, District Grand Master of the Hutt Wairarapa Distrcit (pictured with Murray) back into District 19. He really is "family". The Lodge was also blessed with a visit from Bro Michael DeMers all the way from North America.
Murray's delivery of the 1st Degree Tracing Board takes around an hour, which seems like a long time, however you could have heard a pin drop as he delivered the most beautiful recitation of this charge I have ever heard. The 3 Entered Apprentices present knew by the end of the ceremony that they had experienced something very special. I class Murray as a masonic living "treasure". Despite being a freemason for more than 35 years I was truly "moved" by his exemplary performance.
More photos are on the Central Division website here.
Rick Masterton and Murray Alford
Rick Masterton and Murray Alford
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