Lodge Homewood

Ahdut Coah Hi - Strength Through Unity
Founded 6th August 1983
About - Master
Worshipful Master Hadyn Nicholls
Hadyn was born in 1976 in Ngaio to a family of seven. He is half of a set of twins and has three older sisters. The family was reduced to 6 with the sudden passing of his father at age six. He attended St Benedict's Primary and went on to Cardinal McKeefry and then St Pat's Town.

Hadyn currently works as a server engineer for DXC Technology, and has been there for over 14 years (back when it was knwon as HP). He is also heavily involved in Scouting in Wellington. He became the Group Leader for Ngaio Scouts about 5 years ago and is now the Zone Leader for all Scouts in Wellington with some 1500 youth. He has run over 40 scouting camps, started a new Scout Group and is currently a Cub Leader and an Air Scout Leader as well, he has received multiple awards for his work and holds wood beads within Scouts.

Hadyn was proposed for Lodge Homewood on March 31st 2001, initiated on October 25th, passed March 28th 2002 and raised on September 29th that year. He first reached the chair in August 2009 and not long after he became Immediate Past Master, jumped into the Secretary's position where he stayed for about 7 years.

As a Master Mason he became the District Education Officer and, working with the Divisional Team, traveled around the Lower North Island with the Central Division Educational Advisory Team promoting education to Freemasons, specifically Master Masons. Hadyn also ran Entered Apprentice training sessions in Wellington for several years.

He joined the Royal Arch, the Order of David and Jonathan and the Knights Templar, but has pulled out of most of these due to other commitments. He started producing the Homewood Herald in its current format when he became secretary and spends a lot of time researching articles and recipes for Lodge members to use.

He has introduced his brother and cousin into our Lodge, and it seems that the majority of our other members that have been initiated since Hadyn have had his name on their proposition form as either proposer or seconder.

2020 - 2021
Hadyn Nicholls, Worshipful Master 2020-2021
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* Deceased