Lodge Homewood

Ahdut Coah Hi - Strength Through Unity
Founded 6th August 1983
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History of Homewood Lodge

Lodge Homewood No 447 was established in August 1983 following the dissolution of Lodge Karori No 247 and Lodge Endeavour No 368. The first Master of Lodge Homewood was W Bro Royce Hall, Past Grand Sword Bearer and the second Master was VW Bro Warwick Metcalfe Past District Grand Master. Links with the community of Karori are strong and date back for more than 80 years. Lodge Karori was established in 1923 and Lodge Endeavour in 1952 and both Lodges have a long and proud history. Lodge premises situated in Standen Street Karori and were ‘home’ to all three Lodges for many years until the cost of maintaining the building became unaffordable and it was sold to a Children’s Day Care Centre in 2001.

The Lodge Homewood Jewel was designed by W Bro Lindsay Linney. It contains several Masonic symbols that Freemasons understand and hold dear. The decorated pillar, the chequered pavement, the ear of corn and the stream of water, are Masonic symbols shown in the Jewel. The hills in the Jewel represent Karori where the Lodge was founded. The Hebrew words 'Ahdut Coah Hi' (pronounced 'Ardut Coanye') translate to 'Strength Through Unity'. The original jewel drawn by WBro Linney is shown below.
Original Lodge Homewood Logo
Above is the link to our charter under the Freemasons Grand Lodge of New Zealand.

Lodge Homewood was constituted on 6 August 1983. WBro Royce Allan Hall was appointed First Master, VWBro Warwick David Metcalfe as First Senior Warden, and WBro Derek Cooper Rose First Junior Warden.
Lodge History
Above is a link to a talk given by one of our founding Brethren on the history of our Lodge.
Past Masters
2020-2021 WBro Hadyn Nicholls

2019-2020 WBro Mark White
2018-2019 WBro Craig Fraser GS
2017-2018 WBro Craig Fraser GS
2016-2017 WBro David Ryan
2015-2016 WBro Andrae Peipi
2014-2015 WBro Chris K Paul
2013-2014 WBro Charles Smith
2012-2013 WBro Charles Smith
2011-2012 WBro Fraser Stephens
2010-2011 WBro Peter Fraser

2009-2010 WBro Hadyn Nicholls
2008-2009 WBro Graeme Roberts*
2007-2008 WBro John Nimmo RH
2006-2007 WBro John Nimmo RH
2005-2006 WBro Malcolm Jackson
2004-2005 WBro Reg Todd*
2003-2004 WBro Reg Todd*
2002-2003 WBro Joe Hatwell PG Swd B
2001-2002 WBro Malcolm Jackson
2000-2001 WBro Dennis Edwards

1999-2000 WBro RJ (Bob) Hancock*
1998-1999 WBro J Clem Carter*
1997-1998 WBro John Patterson
1996-1997 WBro RJ (Bob) Hancock*
1995-1996 WBro John Nimmo RH
1994-1995 VWBro Murray Alford PG Lec
1993-1994 WBro Russell E Rawle*
1992-1993 WBro Adam Gullen*
1991-1992 WBro A Les Williams* PGD
1990-1991 WBro RW (Bob) Clark* PG Swd B

1989-1990 WBro Reg Todd*
1988-1989 WBro WHF (Bill) Parr*
1987-1988 WBro Neville Drake* Asst GDC
1986-1987 WBro Derek Rose* RH
1985-1986 WBro Derek Rose* RH
1984-1985 VWBro Warwick Metcalfe P Dist GM
1983-1984 WBro Royce Hall* PG Swd B

* Deceased