Lodge Homewood

Ahdut Coah Hi - Strength Through Unity
Founded 6th August 1983
Charity - Sundry Grants
Wilton Bowling Club - 2019
In February 2019, with support from The Freemasons Charity, we presented a Heartsine portable Defibrillator to Wilton Bowling Club. Their building is used by a number of local organisations, and as a wedding and functions venue so the Club was very pleased that Lodge Homewood was able to assist with this purchase.
Wellington Early Intervention Trust (WEIT) - 2011
WEIT offers a centre-based programme for families with young children with developmental delays (physical, intellectual or behavioural). Lodge Homewood provided funding to assist WEIT to put up curtains in a large room to block out the light as some of the children were unable to complete their activities as the light was too bright in the room.
Northland Scouts - 2011
Lodge Homewood has had an association with Scouting for a period of time now and on this particular occasion provided funding to assist three Northland Scouts to go to Jamboree. The fundamental tenets of Freemasonry are closely aligned to Scouting are we are proud to support them.

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Wilton Bowling Club
WEIT, Northland Scouts & Nicola Johns
WEIT, Northland Scouts, Nicola Johns