Lodge Homewood

Ahdut Coah Hi - Strength Through Unity
Founded 6th August 1983
About Lodge Homewood
Lodge Homewood is for men with strong family values and a community spirit.
We are a vibrant organisation guided by the principles of Freemasonry. Our members are committed to engaging in charitable activities, particularly those that benefit youth and the community.
Lodge members in refectory
Features of our Lodge
Lodge Homewood is a happy Lodge, and membership is enjoyable and rewarding.

The membership is of medium size with 38 members. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds

About 20 members attend meetings regularly. About a third are under 40yrs, a third between 40 and 65, and a third over 65.

The Lodge plans its activities to compliment the work, family, and other commitments of members.

It aims to maintain a consistent high standard in everything it does.

For new Freemasons there is an initial joining fee of $125.
Thereafter, annual membership fees are $175 per 6 months, payable in April and October.

Social activities are normally at member’s own expense and occur at regular intervals throughout the year.

Further Information
For further information on Freemasonry, we recommend you visit www.freemasonsnz.org - The Grand Lodge Website for New Zealand.

Check out MWBro Mark Winger, Grand Master of Freemasons NZ on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hScdIoH8F0&sns=em
To be a thriving, active, Freemasons Lodge that preserves strong traditions, and adds value to the lives of its members and to the community.
The Lodge values are derived from the basic principles on which Freemasonry is founded: brotherly love, relief, and truth. Brotherly love implies care, concern and support for each other, relief implies giving support to people in need, and truth implies sincerity, honesty, and high standards.
Meeting Details
Lodge meetings are men only and we welcome Masonic visitors.
Wellington Masonic Centre
Wellesley Boutique Hotel
Maginnity Street
February to November – the last Thursday in the month. No meetings in December and January
6.00pm to approximately 9.45 pm
6.00pm Drinks and light finger food provided
6.30pm Lodge meeting begins
Visiting Masters and guests are formally introduced and welcomed.

The business session is followed by, at approx. 8.30pm, a two course hot dinner with wine, served in refectory.
Membership Benefits
Interesting, well run meetings with a variety of programmes.

Good quality pre-meeting hospitality and dining.

Opportunities for involvement in Lodge work, projects, and management.

Access to mentoring or guidance on work or personal matters from men with diverse backgrounds.

Opportunities to gain confidence in speaking in public.

Opportunities to learn about Freemasonry.

An active social calendar that regularly welcomes partners, family and friends.

A generous approach to charity and assistance to those in need.

Care and concern for each other, including families, the elderly, and Lodge widows.

Warm, friendly relationships with other Lodges and Masonic friends.